Au revoir and Bonjour!

Saying Goodbye to Lynne and Bill; saying hello to Renee and Michael



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Lynne chats with some of her customers at the “Au revoir” and “Bonjour” soiree. Photo by Donna Allen
Lynne chats with some of her customers at the “Au revoir” and “Bonjour” soiree.
Photo by Donna Allen

CHESTER, Vt. – On Tuesday, June 7 a crowd of about 70 people made their way to the Fullerton Inn to say goodbye to Lynne and Bill Reed of Misty Valley Books and welcome the new owners Renee Reiner and Michael DeSanto.

With a wonderful layout of foods and wine by the Inn, people meandered out to the veranda and talked of how amazing Bill and Lynne have been through the years with all of the events shared in this community. Most had not met the new owners and asked to have them pointed out. Reiner came by and asked, “Who are you?” I introduced myself and asked the same of her. She responded by telling me her name and saying, “It’s my job to meet everyone.”

“We want to meet the new owners,” said David Driver. “Can you point them out,” asked Laura Driver. Not a problem as Renee was on a chair – standing!

Just a pint-sized person, she stood on a chair to get everyone’s attention and said, “We’re from the north and we’re here to help you!” “I don’t get many chances to be tall! We’ve bought Bill and Lynne’s house and business,” she continued, “We collect bookstores that are important to Vermont and will keep the store here.

She then turned the attention to Bill and Lynne. Bill told the story of how he came to own Misty Valley Books and his vanity plates (TR8R-traitor), they were living across the river. Lynne was driving over the mountain to work at another bookstore, while Bill had 15 years in at a Walpole supermarket. Diane Toomey asked him if he wanted to buy a bookstore. Lynne’s drive made it look better and better. They bought it from Dwight and Michael and kept the traditions.

Now they never did not want to come to work. It was perfect. They met astonishing people and watched children grow up reading!

“It will be bittersweet to leave all of you, but I’ll be happier to retire,” commented Bill.

Rick Blaisdell commented, “They’ve been so nice to me. They let me put my books in their store. I had to come to say goodbye.”

“They’ve been such wonderful neighbors. I was thrilled to get a hand delivered invitation to this soiree,” whispered Sharon Baker.

Lynne continued, “One reason our place is perfect is the employees. If you help them feel good, they will stay.” She introduced her staff and gave each a parting gift. Kim Carson, John Hoover, Amanda Bourque and Sara Abbott will be staying and Sylvan Growth will be moving on.

The soiree was enjoyed completely; saying goodbye; welcoming; and congratulating all!

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