Worried about cabin fever? Get relief with the Calypso Connections

cabin fever
Calypso Connection. Photo provided.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Around the middle of February, we all seem to suffer from that plague known as “Cabin Fever.” In an effort to alleviate this ailment, the “doctors” at FOLA have developed a marvelous cure – an evening in the tropics with the sounds and music of the Caribbean Islands.

On Saturday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. in the Heald Auditorium at Ludlow Town Hall, FOLA will present the music of the Calypso Connections – a 10-piece ensemble of steel drums playing the music of the tropics. Come tap your feet and sway your hips to the sound of calypso, reggae, and samba, as Vermont’s largest steel band performs a mix of favorite tunes from the islands and beyond.

The Calypso Connection group formed in 2002 under the direction of Scott Paulson. Jennifer Cohen became director in the fall of 2017. She became involved in calypso while teaching music in the public schools, and she wanted a fun and different tool to engage the kids. Cohen chose pan. She says, “It was wonderful in the classroom – and it is wonderful beyond the classroom as well.”

If you’re so inclined, perhaps you could do a little dancing as well as you rid yourself of Vermont’s winter weather and musically slip into the trade wind climate of the islands!

So mark your calendar for Saturday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. in Heald Auditorium at Ludlow Town Hall as you listen to the warmth and feel the gentle breezes emanating from the steel drums of the Calypso Connections!

It’s all free – donations are appreciated – and open to everyone! For more information, call 802-228-3238 or visit FOLA’s website at www.fola.us.

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