World Under Wonder presents its three-part LARP program


World Under Wonder invites teens and adults to join one of their LARP programs
World Under Wonder invites teens and adults to join one of their LARP programs. Photo provided

ASCUTNEY, Vt. – World Under Wonder in Ascutney will present a three-part Live Action Role Playing, a medieval fantasy improvisational theatre game where you dress up as a character and play out a story with others while carrying around foam weapons and cast make believe spells at one another.

The adult program for those 18 and older will be Mondays from 6-10:30 p.m. starting June 28. The teen program from those 12-18 years old will be Tuesdays 5-8 p.m. starting June 29. On Wednesdays, from 5-10:30 p.m., will be community get-together days for all ages starting June 30.

Due to Covid-19, all participants are expected to be have been vaccinated and show proof with card.

At World Under Wonder, our focus is the security and the safety of those involved. Tanu LARP is a role-play focused LARP with a high emphasis on character building and having the ability to do things you normally might not be able to. Whether you are small but want to be a tank, or you are clumsy but wish to be a rogue… the skill system of Tanu allows players to be whatever they wish they could be.

LARP is a great form of escapism and even a cathartic form of therapy. Through victories and defeats within the game world, we learn to cope or deal with the conflicts of our real lives. Players will take a game like Dungeons and Dragons off the table and play it in real time, with costumes, foam weapons, and make believe spells.

Parents and guardians can also take part in the youth program and act as a side kick to their youth involved.

Our community gathering days will be for all ages to participate in building and crafting together, hanging out, talking about the games, and dueling with foam weapons. Come join the quest and drop in whenever you can. You are not required to be at every session each week. There is a membership fee for taking part in the weekly events or pay per daily event you come to.

Contact World Under Wonder on Facebook, or email us at for more information or to sign up. You can visit our website at

We are a very inclusive program where the only thing excluded is exclusion. Come be a part of our community, and have fun doing it.

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