Woodworking classes for all levels at HatchSpace

HatchSpace offers woodworking classes for all levels. Photo by Blaz Erzetic, Unsplash
HatchSpace offers woodworking classes for all levels. Photo by Blaz Erzetic, Unsplash

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – HatchSpace is offering several woodworking classes for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.

Mastering the Card Scraper with Tom Bodett: In this 2.5-hour workshop, Tom Bodett shares his passion for woodworking and especially the card scraper – a simple and effective tool for creating a beautiful finish on wood. Tom will cover how to use the card scraper and how to keep it sharp. Each participant will receive a card scraper and the tools to keep it sharp – a diamond stone and burnisher. This class is offered Aug. 14.

Intermediate Lathe Techniques is an introduction to face-turning techniques on the lathe with master wood turner Jeff Bower. This 3-hour direct learning experience focuses on tools and techniques to create a wide variety of simple forms. Includes safety, setup, design, and tool selection to take the mystery out of turning and inspire your creativity. Previous lathe experience is required. This class is offered July 25 and Aug. 1.

Introduction to Segmented Turning: Learn to transform small scraps of hardwood into stunning bracelets, napkin rings, sculptures, and other forms on a lathe. Boston-based artist, designer, and builder Dyllan Nguyen teaches this weekend class Aug. 7 and 8. All levels welcome, from beginner to advanced woodworkers.

Beginning Woodworking for Women is designed for anyone who has not had much – or any at all – experience working with wood or tools, or wants a refresher. Participants will have a chance to explore their creative and practical problem-solving sides, and learn about safety, design, wood, power tools, and some hand tools in a supportive learning environment. Gail Grycel teaches this class Sept. 13 through Oct. 6.

Visit www.Hatchspace.org for more classes, information, and registration. HatchSpace is located at 22 High Street in Brattleboro, Vt.

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