Woodchucks’ Revenge and friends Heron Fire

LUDLOW, Vt. – On June 21, the Ludlow Concert Series brings together as a quartet two well-known duos from Rutland County, Woodchucks’ Revenge, Peter and Kristina Cady, and Heron Fire, Jon and Peggy Rishel.

Woodchucks' Revenge
Woodchucks’ Revenge. Photo provided

Both groups have been presenting their brand of music and humor for over 25 years. Woodchucks’ Revenge has performed all around New England, upstate New York, and occasionally in the Rocky Mountain states. Heron Fire’s appearances run from the Adirondack Mountains into central New York, through the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, out to the Cape and into southern New England. These days, both duos play frequently in Vermont for farmers’ markets and senior groups, at village concerts, fairs, and at occasional clubs and parties.

Several years ago, the Woodchucks and the Herons met at a musical gathering and discovered that they enjoyed making music as a foursome, trading instrumental work, vocal leads and harmonies, and they soon started creating their own distinctive arrangements.

This week’s concert will feature two guitars, fiddle, and percussion. Their songs range from the Herons’ favorite old light pop and folk standards to the Woodchucks’ old and new western and Celtic ballads, to some of each group’s tasteful parodies. The audience will enjoy humor, history, and the variety of traditions that make up the American music scene – including folk, country, pop, and comedy material.

Woodchucks’ Revenge and Heron Fire invite you to a memorable evening in Ludlow on the Black river High School front lawn Sunday, July 21 at 7 p.m.

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