Weston Film Club 2020 international film series

WESTON, Vt. – Film enthusiasts, the Weston Film Club returns for its tenth season, and we are grateful to the Weston Playhouse for providing access to Walker Farm another year. Our program this year includes films from Japan, Korea, France, and Britain. Tickets for individual films can be paid at the door or pay in advance for membership punch cards for all five films.

Here are the films in the series:

  • Jan. 17 – “Secrets and Lies” by Mike Leigh, English
  • Jan. 24 – “Shoplifters” by Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japanese
  • Feb. 14 – “Transit” by Christian Petzold, German
  • March 20 – “Parasite or Poetry” by Bong Joon-Ho, Korean
  • March 27 – “A Man Escaped” by Robert Bresson, French

We will kickoff the series with an “encore” showing of Mike Leigh’s “Secrets and Lies,” winner of the Golden Palm for Best Picture and Best Actress at Cannes, the Golden Globe for 1997, three BAFTA awards, and nominated for five Oscars. “Secrets and Lies” is the story of Hortense, a young optometrist whose adoptive parents have died. She sets out to find her birth mother and discovers she is alive as are her brother and sister. Roger Ebert wrote, “Moment by moment, scene after scene, ‘Secrets and Lies’ unfolds with the fascination of eavesdropping. We are waiting to see what these people will do next. Caught up in the fear and the hope they will bring the whole fragile network of their lives crashing down in ruin. When they prevail – when good common sense and good hearts win over secrets and lies – we feel almost as relieved as if it had happened to ourselves.”

For more information or to reserve a seat or card, please email westonvtfilm@gmail.com.

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