Volunteer women who served in World War II

World War II
Learn about Mary Williams and other local women who volunteered in World War II. Photo provided

N. SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Hugh Putnam will present “Volunteer Women Who Served in World War II” Saturday, May 18 at 2 p.m. at the Springfield Art & Historical Society, 65 Route 106 in North Springfield – in the same building as Cota & Cota.

This program will explore the various ways that women could volunteer to serve their country during World War II. While most young men were engaged in the war, women were called upon to fill the many jobs that were left vacant but needed. Many women worked in industries making products to support the war effort. Still others chose to join the military as volunteer service women.

Prior to World War II, women had served in the military as nurses and during World War I in other limited tasks. At the start of World War II, Congress passed legislation providing for women in all branches of the military, Army, Army Nurse Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.

Women from Springfield served in most of these military branches. The society has artifacts from a number of these women including the WAVES artifacts of Mary Williams now on display. The talk will discuss a number of these women. Some of them were true Springfield girls while others came here to work during the war and answered the various appeals to join, after being here for only a short time. A few of the names that will be discussed are Doris Burr (Armstrong), Lucille Bacon, Bertha Baker, Florence Chapman, Helen Cichonowicz, Doris Davis, Elizabeth French, Anna Gardner, Elizabeth Heffernan, Janet Henry, Josephine Hoskiewicz, Leonardo Laskevich, Harriet Parker, Catherine Shalucha, Dorothy Slater, Jean Schoppe (Stone), Catherine Shalucha, Teresa Tarro, and Mary Williams.

If you have pictures or information about women who served from Springfield and would be willing to share your information, please contact Hugh Putnam at 802-886-8430 or email putnams@vermontel.net prior to the program if possible. This program is free and open to all.

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