Village Square Booksellers hold reading of “Forced Entry?”

“Forced Entry?” by Bill Lockwood. Photo provided

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – The Village Square Booksellers at 32 Square in Bellows Falls will hold a dramatic reading of local author Bill Lockwood’s sixth Historical Fiction novel, “Forced Entry?” on Friday, June 17 at 6 p.m.

The book is about a daughter and her boyfriend harassing her mother and an overinvolved neighbor. Henrietta, a twenty-three year old, has moved in with her old actress mother on the coast of California. The daughter is in hopes she will inherit her mother’s fortune. To hurry that along, she enlists a young man she has met at a party. She has him leave strange verses that hint at the dark arts. The guy is more interested in Henrietta going north with him where he has a new job waiting. The old actress calls on her helpful neighbor, Max, to help solve the puzzling events. As the pursuit heats up, Max enlists the help of his girlfriend, her teenage daughter, his grandfather, the grandfather’s friend, and even a coven of witches from next door.

As always, Lockwood will have his friends from local community theater reading parts of the book for him. The readers, who also read for fellow local Historical Fiction writer Eileen Charbonneau, a neighbor of his on Westminster Terrace, have recently been calling themselves the Terrace Players. This event will have readings by his wife, Jeanie Levesque, and friends Sam Maskell, Samaira Aldrich, Meg Kupiec, and Marisa Imôn.

This is the second of two novels he wrote during the time of less social interaction following the Covid lock down. The first of the two, “Gare de Lyon,” set in occupied Paris and France, was just released this past July. Lockwood says, “Now that we’re all getting out and about again, my next one, a sequel to ‘Gare de Lyon,’ may be a little longer in coming.”

To reserve a copy for his signing, or for more information, you may contact the bookstore at 802-463-9404 or email at


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