Vermont’s greatest band

Twiddle plays to gigantic crowd in Vermont’s Frendly Gathering. Photo by Kevin Cudabac
Twiddle plays to gigantic crowd in Vermont’s Frendly Gathering.
Photo by Kevin Cudabac


By Kevin Cudabac

The Vermont Journal

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – Vermont natives not only performed each day of the three-day Frendly Gathering festival, two members performed in their side project Gubbulidis, and vocalist/guitarist Mihali Savoulidis performed onstage with at least 10 other bands. By the time you left one stage to visit another, Mihali was magically somehow on that stage as well.

In between their list of radio-worthy sing-alongs, the members of Twiddle have the instrumental virtuosity to be capable of improvising high quality riffs ad infinitum, making every performance completely unique and adding the thrill of spontaneity to accompany their set list of masterpieces they have accumulated over the years of hard work on tour and in the studio.

When asked for advice to other musicians out there who wish to achieve the quality he has reached with songs such as “Lost in the Cold” and “When it Rains it Pours”, Mahalli told me “Stick with it, not every song you write is gonna be ‘the one’, I think a lot of people get discouraged. I think you can go two ways, you can just write a lot of songs, and a bulk of them will be ones you think are great and maybe some of the others won’t. Then there’s other people more like myself who work on a song and spend a ton of time on it, and instead of doing 5 songs a month just work on one, and try and look at every aspect of it and kind of see how people react. Also playing live is super important”

One charm of his lyricism is how he doesn’t merely sing about sunshine and rainbows, but often talks about the clouds and rain that sometimes come before those good times. One song he has begins with a list of stressful events many are all too familiar with, “The engine’s really weak, it won’t start up in time, you try to find a ride, the bills weren’t paid on time, your cell phone lost the line.” and resolves that theme with “Troubles do not stay they, get replaced with good times, now you got a great life, smile as you walk by, thinking about the day.”

For anyone who missed their performance, their future dates are on their official website and the Magic Mountain hosted Frendly Gathering festival footage already has snippets posted on the festival’s facebook page.

Twiddle’s new album Plump is available for those wanting to have true Vermont music as a soundtrack for their travel through the winding green roads in between towns. Their next performance will be in a California festival, where people appreciate their art as much as New England does. Singer Mihali Savoulidis assured me there’s a good chance he will return to playing Jax’s club free of charge on a regular basis like he has done in the past.

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