TwinState MakerSpaces announces spring artists in residence

CLAREMONT, N.H. – TwinState MakerSpaces Inc., the nonprofit organization that operates the Claremont MakerSpace, in Claremont, N.H., is pleased to announce James St. Martin and Bryan Phaneuf as their March and April Artists in Residence. James and Bryan operate Doghouse Arcades, a small Claremont-based business specializing in home arcade and virtual pinball cabinetry and machines.

“James and Bryan bring a fun and entertaining project to the Claremont MakerSpace through their home arcade business. As many of us have been spending so much more time at home over the past year, we can attest to the need for new ways to keep occupied. What better way than having your very own pinball or arcade set up?” said Brendan Dangelo, director of Education at the Claremont MakerSpace. “The Artist in Residence program provides an opportunity to showcase the versatility of the Claremont MakerSpace and the creativity of our local community of makers. James and Bryan will utilize many of our high tech tools to expand into a new line – a collapsible and modular skeeball system.”

James St. Martin officially started Doghouse Arcades in November 2020, but the idea has long been his dream. The business, named in honor of his father who passed away from cancer, is a nod to a tendency to take on “wild projects” and end up “in the doghouse.” His father’s love for pinball is another way in which St. Martin makes and creates in his memory.

“CMS provides a large space to really spread out for our projects as needed with a variety of accessible tools right at our fingertips. The Artist in Residency will be a great way for us to produce an open source and free to the community product that we would have otherwise not been able to make,” said St. Martin. Once completed, the project will be on display at the Claremont MakerSpace and will be available to be viewed by the public by appointment.

The Claremont MakerSpace Artist In Residence Program is designed to empower New Hampshire and Vermont based artists with tools, training, and space to create compelling new work. Each CMS Artist In Residence receives $800 towards the creation of new work at the CMS, two months of Unlimited CMS Membership, a dedicated studio space at the CMS, and training to use new tools. Each residency runs for two months. Applications for the next residency must be submitted by April 15, 2021. Artists and makers in all mediums are welcome to apply.

TwinState MakerSpaces, Inc. and the CMS Artist In Residence Program are supported in part by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information about the Claremont MakerSpace, please visit The Claremont MakerSpace is located at 46 Main Street in Claremont. We are open and committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our members, and as such we are closed to the public. If you are interested in membership, please contact us to arrange for a private tour.

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