Tree of Remembrance Jan. 25

LUDLOW, Vt. – The snow is falling, covering the beautiful lights on the Tree of Remembrance in Veterans Park. This project, of the Okemo Valley Women’s club, aims to earn money for a scholarship for a deserving senior in Ludlow, Mount Holly, Cavendish, or Proctorville. A way to remember your loved ones, when you donate we will publish their names in the Vermont Journal and Shopper.

Donations and your list of names should be submitted to Fran Derlinga, PO Box 804 Grantham NH 03753, Please make checks payable to Okemo Valley Women’s Club.


Oscar and Nellie Beckman, Oscar and Margarita Bryant, Roy and Marie Bryant, Kim and Stanley Bryant, Stanley and Francis Bryant, Evelyn Bryant, Leonard Gendron,Earl Bonneau, Ellsworth and Dorthy, Harold and Mary Bragg, Roy and Leta Davis , Gardner and Laura Ripley, Harley and Ida Bragg, Leon and Mary Shabbott, Helen Ballard, Bernard and Shirley Snow,Leta Hudgings, Peter Connor, Ernest and Melba Noll, Anna Mckinney, Ralph and Elva Davis, Roy Davis, Dexter Lockwood, and Ellen Parrish,Terri Tabshey, Lana Parks, Willie(the 6pack Lead lift Attendant) John Foscolos, John Ewen, Mary Tredennick Gould, Ed Zawacki, Beth Bartlett, Stan Hart, Ann Price, George and Rose Macintire, Jud and Virginia Nelson, Mr.and Mrs. J.R. McLean Sr., Ed and Betty Merrill, Aaron W. McNabb, Marilyn Trick, Jack Kemp, Carl Trick, Mary and Wayne Trick, Bonnie Lindsay, Ruth and Gunther Pfanner, Betty and Jack Mueller, Hazel Beaulieau, Melvin and Bea De Freese, Brayton Washburn family, Laine Danyow, Dan Rokceil, Carole Robert, Helen and Laval Remy, Iggy Matulonis, George Matulonis, Violet Matulonis, Kelley Sanderson, Suzette Durgin, Brian Hodgeman, Sandi Manna,Frank and Marge Peters, Helen Seward, and Allyn Seward.


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