TP Measures Up, a poem and a chance to smile

Photo by Elly Johnson, Unsplash
Photo by Elly Johnson, Unsplash

hey! six feet away, you must keep your distance!

i’m healthy, no virus, and building up resistance.

take out one TP roll from your closet and give it a measure

(and yes, quick, put it back in your secret-hoarded treasure).

4 1/2 inches wide is how ours met the ruler

then do some third-grade math – this couldn’t be cooler.

roll after roll after roll after roll–16 in all you will need

that’s 72 inches—hey!! that’s six feet, indeed!!

so out and about? proudly tote your 16 rolls with great pride

and be ready when someone crosses into the Healthy Divide.

when folks stand too close and encroach in your zone

set out your measuring rolls as you do ’round your throne.

have them respect the safe social-distance you need.

and if they do, but they’re sad, and begin a thin-paper plead

give them one roll as a favor—-you’re making safety-zone friends

(and we all know you have TP galore—–you’ll be flush ’til this ends.)


Poem written by Ron Gordon

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