The Importance of Being Earnest


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CHESTER, Vt. – The Green Mountain Union High School’s drama club proudly presents “The Importance of Being Earnest” in the GMUHS auditorium on November 11 and 12 at 7 p.m.

Considered to be Oscar Wilde’s most brilliant work, The Importance of Being Earnest is known for its light-hearted comedy, witty dialogue, and loveably ridiculous characters. A hilarious farce of Victorian Era high society, The Importance of Being Earnest will be sure to make you laugh – don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches!

Ms. Jones and her class helped with the set design/art, Ms. Valente and her class is helping with the program, and Ms. LeFevre did the costume creation and design.


Ben Haseltine – Jack Worthing

Tuckerman Wunderle – Algernon Moncrieff

Deirdre Moore – Lady Bracknell

Michelle Turk – Gwendolen Fairfax

Kimball Schultz – Cecily Cardew

Clara Martorano – Miss Prism

Alex Beshay – Canon Chasuble

Victoria Walker – Lane/Merriman

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