The fourth annual Springfield Steampunk Festival

Steampunk Festival
Steampunk Festival in Springfield Sept. 21-22. Photo by Steven Kosherman

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The 4th Springfield Steampunk Festival is just around the corner, held Sept. 21, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., and Sept. 22, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. This year’s theme is “The Kraken,” and our tickets are treasure maps that let you know where all our workshops and events are happening. You only need one ticket for entrance to the entire weekend festival. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite when searching the event title, or Steampunk Festival in Springfield.

Riverside Middle School will have unique vendors, food trucks, our children’s program, and a Trout River beer tent. Take a look around, grab a bite to eat, and let your family enjoy planned activities and a scavenger hunt.

Shuttle buses running every 15 minutes can take you right to the Hartness House Inn in Springfield. At this beautiful Victorian era inn, you can participate in steampunk workshops such as Stellafane’s underground tunnel and turret telescope tours, Karnevil’s steampunk and pirate inspired panels, Teapot Racing, Tea-Dueling, the SteamWreck Fashion Show, and more. Each workshop you take part in awards you with a sticker to put on your treasure map ticket. Before you leave the festival, cash in your treasure map for raffle tickets to spend in our raffle room.

Steampunk Festival
This year’s theme is “The Kracken.” Photo by Steven Kosherman

Hartness House will also have a lineup of live entertainment. Our emcees Professor Adam Smasher and Baron Von Zipple will guide us through a day of steampunk fun. On our list is Blaine’s Magic Show; trivia-style music performance called the Indie Gomez Pop Show; a dark storytelling musical experience by Gomez; the pirate band, The Shank Painters; a set by the dynamic duo, The Eternal Frontier; all leading up to our headliner Ryder Cooley and the Dust Bowl Faeries.

Ryder and the DBF are a dark carnival band that have been working on writing a song inspired by The Kraken just for our festival. They will also be holding a singing saw workshop along with an animal conservation talk.

The next morning, the Mandolin Road Trip will be playing while people can grab their breakfast.

Shuttle buses will also have a stop along Main Street, where multiple participating businesses are holding workshops or specials that grant you another sticker for raffles. Dark Mountain Games will be hosting both steampunk, and pirate-themed board games throughout the festival, as well as offering to teach newcomers how to play the games off of their demo wall. Springfield Town Library will be holding a creative writing workshop by the steampunk author Lisa Comstock, as well as a fun surprise for the Children’s Program. The Gallery at the VAULT will have a steampunk art show running, and there will be a street magic show, and roaming pirate band.

Proceeds of the Springfield Steampunk Festival benefits the Steampunk Society of Vermont scholarship fund.

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