Poem: It Can Always Get Worse

I got up before the crack of dawn.

Half asleep I put my fatigues on.

I went to the mess hall as ordered to do.

I had to pull KP the whole day through.


After 18 hours of scrubbing pots and pans

I headed back to my bunk with sleep in my plans.

I thought things couldn’t get worse as I walked on back.

Just then I noticed we were under attack.


Now a lot of us feel the pandemic is a bad as it can get

But there’s always a chance things could get much worse yet.

There’s a new virus spreading which spreads really fast.

It’s reportedly deadlier than what we’ve seen in the past.


It’s impossible to know what lies in store.

We’ve dealt with a lot but we could face much more.

Wearing face masks and isolation has helped us keep above ground.

I recommend caution until more answers are found.


Get vaccinated as soon as you can

Keeping up with medical data make part of your plan.

Put off gatherings with lots of friends

Until the Covid situation ends.


By Joseph F. Hammond

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