Planet Axis’ film featured on Vermont PBS

PROCTORSVILLE, Vt.Planet Axis is proud to announce that VT PBS will be airing their film about Vermont’s community resiliency through the initial wave of Covid-19. “Community Through Crisis: a Vermont story” is the first documentary about Vermont’s unified response to the pandemic, as told through the eyes of 10 small businesses. The film will premiere on VT PBS’ Made Here series Feb. 25, 2021 at 8 p.m.

“Watching Vermonters shift and put people before profit, we knew we could adapt too, while doing what we do best,” said Stefan Beaumont, Planet Axis’ Head of Production and Director of Photography at Red Vault Productions. “We kept our cameras rolling when the world stopped and knew there would be an uplifting story in the end.”

“Safety was our main concern. Could we do this? How do we do this?” Wendy E. Reynolds, president of Planet Axis, questioned. “We enacted new protocol so we could provide this empowering story of unity that was happening in our backyard. We were helping the way we could. Vermont has been a leader through this pandemic and its story needs to be told.”

Featuring businesses from across the state such as Magic Mountain, Vermont Glove, Shift Meals, and Salvation Farms, the film premiered through three separate “virtual events” in late October and early November, boasting over 8,500 organic views.

VT PBS will air the film both on local channels and online via the Made Here series. The film has also won two awards in national film festivals and has been accepted for review in several others. This short documentary is presented in part by Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development.

View teasers on Planet Axis’s Youtube channel or

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