Planet Axis announces virtual film premiere during Covid-19

PROCTORSVILLE, Vt. – Planet Axis is premiering its film about Vermont’s community resiliency through the pandemic. “Community Through Crisis: a Vermont story” is the first and only documentary about Vermont’s response to Covid-19, through the eyes of 10 small businesses.

“It has been no small feat to film during this crisis and adapt to a new on set protocol,” says Stefan Beaumont, Planet Axis’ vice president and director of photography.

“As a new Vermont 501(c)(3), our main focus is environmental content, but when the world shut down, due to the pandemic, we had to change how we operated and told empowering stories,” says Wendy Reynolds, president of Planet Axis. “We were helping the only way we could, by capturing the story and educating through film. Vermont’s story needs to be told.”

The film features 10 businesses from across Vermont that have shifted their usual operations to provide various services for the community during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Among the businesses are Let’s Grow Kids, Vermont Glove, Shift Meals, and Salvation Farms.

“Community Through Crisis: a Vermont story” is in the final stages of post-production with a scheduled virtual premiere Oct. 30, 2020 via coordinated Facebook Live and YouTube channels. Other virtual viewings will be Nov. 2 and Nov. 5.

The short documentary “presented in part by Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development” will be aired with local musical talent prior to the film and include a short Q&A with the producer and DP.

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