Mini-series of decades of Lake Champlain’s “monster history” is released

“On the Trail of …Champ” Photo provided.

REGION – On Saturday, June 16, Small Town Monsters and filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov released “On the Trail of… Champ;” an examination of the legend and the ongoing search for a bizarre, aquatic creature said to live in the depths of New York and Vermont’s Lake Champlain. “On the Trail of… Champ” is a five episode mini-series filmed during the summer and early fall of 2017. Petakov was on and around Lake Champlain for one of the largest, most well funded searches for Champ in history.

“On the Trail of…Champ” chronicles North America’s most infamous lake monster, affectionately known as “Champ.” Centuries of lore, sightings, and mystery surround this creature as well as well as the lake it calls home. Shot on location at Lake Champlain, “On the trail of…Champ” dives deep into the rich history of the region in connection with Champ, as well as Champ’s cultural impact on many of the rural communities that border the lake. While definitive proof of Champ is yet to be claimed, the monster has certainly succeeded in captivating the hearts and minds of many people, whether witnesses, researchers, or fascinated locals. These are their stories…on the trail of Champ.

“Champ” marks the beginning of the new, ongoing series from Small Town Monsters titled “On the trail of…” and will be followed up in 2019 with a massive search across the eastern United States for the legendary being called Bigfoot. The series is overseen and produced by Seth and Adrienne Breedlove. “On the Trail of… Champ” premiered on DVD and the VIDI Space streaming platform June 16. It will be heading to Amazon and Vimeo OnDemand in July.

Small Town Monsters has produced films around the United States, which feature local legends and lore; most recently the April-released title, “The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear.” In 2016 the creative team behind Small Town Monsters took home honors at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for their work on the feature-length, Boggy Creek Monster. “On the Trail of… Champ” marks their first foray into episodic storytelling.

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