Meet THE Butties

Meet THE Butties.  Photo Provided
Meet THE Butties.
Photo Provided


LONDONDERRY, Vt. – The Butties, an all-Beatles cover band, first began playing together in their dorm lounge at Syracuse University in 1983.  Since the early 90’s, the Butties have been visiting VT every year for a single show in the Londonderry area.  This year, our special, “local” band will be appearing outdoors at Jake’s Restaurant & Tavern on July 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Londonderry Shopping Plaza.

Why Londonderry?  Butties co-founder, bass player and actor Sam Lloyd has family roots in Weston.  His dad is Sam Lloyd Sr., primarily a stage actor who has been performing at the Weston Playhouse (and many other theatres) since 1952.  Sam Sr. is the brother of actor Christopher Lloyd (Jim in the TV show “Taxi”/Doc Brown in “Back to the Future”, among others).  Sam returns to Weston annually to visit his family.  Sam is best known for playing Ted, the hapless, sweaty lawyer in the hit TV sitcom “Scrubs”.  So, once a year, the boys get together in the barn at Sam Lloyd Sr.’s, rehearses for a few days, then put on a marathon Beatles-only show.

Other members of the Butties include co-founder Paul Perry (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rob “Robbo” Morey on drums and vocals, and Mark Humble, lead guitar.  Over the past 25 years or so, they have performed locally at The Mill restaurant, Magic Mountain, Tater Hill Golf Club, Jackson Gore as well as Jakes.  Over the years, they have made many friends and fans in the area, and it’s not unusual to have hundreds of locals show up to see and hear them.

Don’t miss this once-a-year event, and don’t be surprised if Sam Sr. shows up to sing “Yellow Submarine” once again. Contact Tad Kinsley at Jakes Restaurant & Tavern, 802-824-6614 for more information.

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