MacLaomainn’s frightens for the local food shelf




CHESTER, Vt. – MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub in Chester scared older kids with its 2nd-annual Haunted House for two days recently.

MacLaomainn’s also held a children-friendlier haunted house earlier in the day.

The first face that greeted visitors at the Haunted House was Amy Allen, who said a lot of hours were put into building the ghoulish place, all by local volunteers who shared a love for Halloween.

There was a $5 suggested donation or canned goods, or $1 suggested donation for children under age 10, which all went to the Vermont Food Bank and the Chester-Andover Food Shelf.

Visitors were welcomed into the Haunted House and the door slammed shut behind them.

The hard work and dedication was evident as people turned every horrifying corner. From being met by two witches preparing a ghastly meal in a graveyard, or a poor soul on the electric chair, to ghouls and ghosts popping out of the walls, the show they put on was a frightening one.

The Haunted House could have impressed any Halloween and haunted attraction fans out there.

The best part of the whole experience was to see how much fun the workers were having, and as visitors waited for their turn to enter, seeing the satisfied faces of customers exiting the haunted house, saying, “that was scary!”

The cold weather might have dampened some spirits, but the MacLaomainn’s crew stayed in spirit and put on an amazing show.

For those who may have missed out this year, join the crew next year and enjoy a frightening, well-organized Haunted House, while giving money to two great organizations. It was a great night, put on for a great cause by great people.

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