“Love Your Library” Auction

LUDLOW, Vt. – It’s time – Our fabulous February “Love Your Library” Auction which begins Feb. 2 at 12 a.m. and ends Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. We have over 75 items for you to peruse (and more added daily up until 11 p.m. Feb. 1). If you would like to come into the library, any staff member is happy to assist you on our pc or your device so that you may view what is up for bid. Perhaps you will place a bid.

Please join us Feb. 16 from 4-6 p.m. for any last minute bidding frenzy in house, to see the items and enjoy your community. Again, staff will be available to assist you with online bidding until 6 p.m. We will have light refreshments featuring Pop’s Biscotti & Chocolates.

So many items too many to list – please check them out – www.32auctions.com/FML23

Beginning Monday, Jan. 30, we will have most items on display in the library. There is still something nice about seeing the items in person. We are thrilled with the donations received. All are posted and available for the online auction preview running now.

Many, many thanks to all that have donated to our library fundraiser. Without your support we would not be able to offer all the enhanced services presently available. I have a new service in mind at the conclusion of the auction. Hope to see you Feb. 16. Remember bid high and bid often.


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