Josh Maiocco and Ezra Veitch at Stage 33

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Josh Maiocco will play the Stage 33 Live listening room at 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls, Vt., on Sunday, July 17 at 7 p.m. Ezra Veitch will open and side. Limited seating. The event will be recorded and filmed.

In 2018, Josh Maiocco showed up at a Stage 33 Live open mic and stunned everyone there with outstanding songs performed brilliantly. Since then he’s played the room as an opener and a side-person; this is his first headline on the 33 Bridge Street stage.

Josh is as talented of a writer and player as he is under-recognized. It’s possible he likes it that way – below the radar and enigmatic. It’s known that in younger days he played quite a bit in New Jersey and New York City. He has a lingering MySpace page that was clearly forgotten about long ago. He’s not from around here originally, but since arriving about two decades ago he’s played in highly regarded and stylistically diverse bands like Ingrid’s Ruse, Ninja Monkey, 84 Sheepdog, and the Ben Carr Music Project, in addition to occasional solo shows.

Josh has enlisted his friend and frequent co-conspirator, Ezra Veitch, to open and side for him. Ezra is well known for his music and his tireless support of the local music scene, as well as his graphic art.

According to the performer’s preference, the Covid-19 protocol will be the guidelines in effect in the community on show day. Currently the guidance is that masks are optional, although that may change without notice. Respect those who choose to mask, and give them six feet of social distance. Seating will be a minimum of eight feet from the stage and set up in pods of two. If you wish to make a custom pod for your party, arrive early to do so. People who have already arrived and have arranged their seating will not be expected to move, and their perimeter should be honored.


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