International String Trio at Sundays on the Hill

International String Trio
International String Trio. Photo provided

WESTON, Vt. – Sundays on the Hill concert series welcomes back the highly entertaining International String Trio to the Church on the Hill in Weston Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019 at 4 p.m.

The International String Trio is a group of exceptionally talented musicians, all alumni of Berklee College of Music in Boston. The group prides itself on its stylistic diversity, delivering gypsy jazz, Appalachian folk, acoustic world music, virtuosic classical arrangements, and popular songs from movie sound tracks.

The IST enjoys using the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members, hailing from Russia, Japan and England, to influence its stylistic diversity and unique performance aesthetic. Performing up to 120 events a year, including festivals, concert halls, jazz clubs, schools and universities, the IST is experienced at performing at a multitude of venues, thanks to its small size. Their shows are enormously entertaining and the trio strives to provide energetic yet intimate performances. Each and every performance the trio enjoys leading its audiences on a cultural musical journey, as they perform music from countries around the world. Through these means, their music is instantly appealing to a wide range of audience, both large and small, young and old.

The doors open around 3:30 p.m. with parking available at the church and along Lawrence Hill Road. For more information see

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