In The Spirit! lights up the neighborhood

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Springfield is going all-out on outdoor holiday decorations this year. Many homes and yards have been decorated, especially on Union Street, Park Street, and all the streets and smaller neighborhoods that connect to those streets. The first In The Spirit! awards program has encouraged more people in those neighborhoods to light up with decorations than ever before.

In The Spirit! judges Walter Martone, Diane Kemble, and Mona Frye will be driving around those neighborhoods from sunset to 9 p.m. until Friday, Dec. 24 to select three properties to receive awards.

We hope that you will also mark your calendar for one of those evenings. Start your own tradition of driving around town to enjoy your neighbors’ talents and holiday celebration.

A map on the Union/Park Neighborhood Association Facebook page provides addresses of outdoor displays in its neighborhoods. The Facebook group Happenings In and Around Springfield has a map of outdoor decorations in all Springfield neighborhoods.

Three families or organizations within the boundaries of Union Park Neighborhood Association could receive an award: The Clark Griswold Christmas Award of $100 and a plaque for the most outlandish, fun, or over-the-top outdoor decorations; the Traditional Display Award of $75 for the most appealing use of traditional holiday elements; the Misfit Toy Display Award of $50 for the best use of elements that engage children.

In The Sprit! awards are sponsored by Union/Park Neighborhood Association, a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to build a vibrant, safe, and cohesive neighborhood.

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