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The 3-day festival was enormous success once again! Throughout the area, and around the swimming pond, folks camped out for the festival.

Photos by Kevin Cudabac



WINDHAM, Vt. – One of the greatest music festivals to ever hit the state of Vermont was a great success. A 3-day concert with music, food, and a multitude of recreational activities offered, drew people from near and far to converge into a harmonious celebration of summer. The high quality of the musical acts brought the same quality of audience, and the feeling of coalescence lent as much enjoyment as the entertainment itself.

Throughout the forest, the fields, and around a swimming pond, countless tent sites each with their own group of friends whom interacted freely, trading one thing for another whether it was food in exchange for a beverage or a story traded for a joke. The comradery was right in line with the uplifting lyrics that floated through the surrounding air.

Jeff and Carlie, a couple in attendance described their experience “I love it, third year here and every year it gets better.” They claimed the one thing they hope to see return is the more elaborate decor the previous years exhibited.

One of the more powerful performances to end the final night had an unexpected guest starring streaker, who somehow got onstage completely nude and tried to sit next to the organist/vocalist during one of their final songs. The Singer Kelly Finnigan was a bit aggressive when interrupted by the naked man, but when Trumpeter Ryan Scott exclaimed into the microphone, “Im sorry, but that was awesome.” Kelly realized that he agreed and said, “You’re right, that was actually awesome.” The band’s powerful sing-along hooks started right back up in celebration of the absurdity.

Martin Guitars had a dome set up for anyone to freely perform their own music, using the finest acoustic guitars available. This facility showed how much talent there was walking around in the crowd.

The festival organizers ended the night speaking to the crowd who lined up for Twiddle to explain how amazing it was to start out a few years ago with around 200 people, and to blink their eyes and see a gigantic crowd with the same positive mentality that the original humble beginnings featured. They promised an even bigger and better event next year and thanked those in attendance the day afterwards on the official facebook page for cleaning up after themselves after so many days of festivities. Magic Mountain did a great job hosting this event and has much more in store for those looking for fun throughout the year.

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