Fiddlers Association offers camp scholarships

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Northeast Fiddlers Association is offering a full scholarship for a 2020 weeklong fiddle camp to be awarded to a Vermont fiddler for a camp of his or her choice.

The NEFA’s mission is “to preserve and promote the art of old time fiddling,” which is also the mission of these summer camps for fiddlers of all ages: the Northeast Heritage Music Camp; The Maine Music Camp; Ashokan Fiddle and Dance; and the Acadia Trad School; and for younger fiddlers, the Young Traditions Vermont Trad Camp for ages 7-15, Brattleboro Music Center Trad Camp for ages 9-14, and the Summit School Trad Camp for ages 8-16. Each camp offers a week of classes, lessons, workshops, and jam sessions with excellent and inspirational teachers. Two prizes will be awarded if more than 20 fiddlers apply.

An application form for the scholarship can be found on the NEFA website,, or may be picked up at one of the upcoming NEFA Sunday meets: Jan. 12 at the VFW in Montpelier, Feb. 2 at the VFW in Hyde Park, March 8 at the Berlin Elementary School, or April 5 at the VFW in Montpelier.

An application fee gives the applicant a one-year membership in NEFA and a chance to win the scholarship. Each applicant is required to attend and to participate in at least one NEFA meet before the first of May and to supply a letter of reference from a fiddle teacher or another musician. Fiddlers of all ages and ability levels are encouraged to apply.

The NEFA meets are free and open to the public and always begin at noon with an hour-long circle jam, after which individual fiddlers go up to the stage and each plays a few tunes. The meets are friendly, low-key, and always fun.

Applications can be mailed to Val Essex, Secretary, 111 Mountain St., Apt. A, Bristol, VT 05443, or brought to any of the fiddle meets listed above.

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