EdgarMay scavenger hunt brings families together to have fun

Edgar May Health and Wellness Center
Canyonlands National Park. Photo provided.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Families in southern Vermont have been busy participating in the second Annual Edgar May Health and Recreation Center summer scavenger hunt. The eight-week-long promotion is entering its fifth week, but for anyone who still wants to join in the #EdgarMayFamilyTime fun, it’s not hard to catch up and the payoff could be big! The goal is for families to document and share photos of the great family activities, many that are free or low-cost, that are available near and far using social media.

Edgar May Health and Wellness Center
Biking. Photo provided.

Local partners, like Crown Point Country Club, are sponsoring prizes but what everyone seems to be interested in is a chance to win the grand prize of a year-long membership to the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center which includes a birthday party package, swim lessons, and group exercise classes (total value of $1600). A runner-up drawing will also be held with the prize of a six-month family membership.

Boolie Sluka and her family participated last year and shared, “We loved it. It was incredibly easy – not to mention fun – to participate in, and it gave us great ideas for family fun. Some things on the list, like outdoor concerts, park visits, and swimming are always on our summer fun list, but other activities listed encouraged us to try new things together as a family.”

One new experience Boolie’s family had last year was their interview with a Windsor County sheriff. This year “we plan to tour a fire department.  We typically pick berries in the summer, but getting that extra five points for the scavenger hunt is encouraging us to make jam together. This program is just a fun, easy way to increase your family time with diverse experiences. We were so excited to return for a second year, and I encourage you all to join us!”


Edgar May Health and Wellness Center
First Time sushi, trapeze. Photo provided.

The scavenger hunt is open to members and non-member families in southern Vermont and New Hampshire. There are eight weeks to participate in more than 30 suggested activities and share photos on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) #EdgarMayFamilyTime or via email. There is no cost to enter the Edgar May Scavenger Hunt.

Complete rules, registration and entry information, plus suggested activities can be viewed on our website, www.myreccenter.org. If you would like to register your family, have questions about the scavenger hunt, and/or are interested in donating a prize to support active and healthy families this summer, contact Sarah Tilden-Gramling at 802-885-2568, visit our website, our Facebook Page, or email info@myreccenter.org.



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