DNA testing and genealogy sharing session at Rockingham Library

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Genealogists Wayne Blanchard and Jerry Carbone are teaming up to host a DNA-Genealogy discussion session to share and learn from one another Thursday, March 5, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., at Rockingham Library.

DNA testing doesn’t replace traditional genealogy, but it is another tool to be used with other sources. For those who have taken a DNA test for genealogy, the results can be confusing and it is not always obvious how to use this information. Wayne and Jerry will go beyond the ethnicity estimate and discuss how to search for best relative matches in your family tree. For those willing to share discoveries with the group, be sure to bring your username and password to log into your testing company’s website.

Because millions of people have taken DNA tests, there are many more opportunities to locate genetic cousins. This information in turn can assist in expanding family trees. Information on how to contact DNA matches will be reviewed. Resource lists and tip sheets will also be provided to encourage further research. For planning purposes, please contact the library at 802-463-4270 or email programming@rockinghamlibrary.org to register for this event.

This program is free and open to the public. The Rockingham Library is located at 65 Westminster St. in Bellows Falls and is accessible. For more information, go to www.rockinghamlibrary.org, call 802-463-4270, email programming@rockinghamlibrary.org, or stop by the library. The snow date is March 12.

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