DaVallia Gallery displays Batchelder paintings

“Twilight,” by Peter Batchelder. Photo provided

CHESTER, Vt. – DaVallia invites you to a new fine art exhibition. “Our Radiant Landscape” will feature a new collection of contemporary colorist paintings by Peter Batchelder from Feb. 10 through March 15. This exhibition will feature Batchelder’s art differently from how his work has been shown before.

DaVallia Gallery is pleased to feature artist Peter Batchelder. From an artist’s perspective, Batchelder is interested in the nature of the architecture, how it sits within its landscape, color and light. From a personal perspective, he finds himself often curious about the story of the building: who built it and why; the many people who have lived or worked in the building; how the landscape may have changed around the structure over the course of years. His art has a radiant luminosity that captures the essence of our rural landscape in a new light. DaVallia’s avante garde lifestyle-based approach to presenting art allows viewers insight and inspiration into how to live artfully.

This exhibition for Batchelder will be unique as it will allow his collectors to see his work in the context of a home setting.

To schedule an appointment for a private viewing, call Michael Alon at 802-875-8900.


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