Local author Jess Kimball answers “Is college really necessary?”

"My Pseudo-College Experience" by Jess Kimball.
“My Pseudo-College Experience” by Jess Kimball. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Local doula Jess Kimball is now a published author. In her book “My Pseudo College Experience,” Jess answers the question, “Is college necessary for everyone?”

Jess chose an untraditional path in life, graduating high school at 16 and starting a career as a doula. She traveled the world, fell in love with people, and fell in love with being alive. There were always people saying she missed the vital life experience of college. She wondered how college could be more vital than experiencing the world so she decided to go find out.

Jess audited courses at Dartmouth College and dove head first into college life, Ivy League style. During her time she experienced the harsh, toxic hook up culture, fraternity parties, long New England winters, and the fun of New England summers. Through her writing, she submerges readers into the college experience in a second person narrative. She analyzes college life, shares her experiences, and successfully answers the very question that led her to Dartmouth.

“My Pseudo College Experience” is available for pre-order on Mascot Books and will be out on shelves and on Amazon May 4, 2021.

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