Author event on “Breath Taking: Growing Up Mystic in America”

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – On Saturday, Nov. 16 at 11 a.m., Elizabeth Bunker will present her new book, “Breath Taking, Growing Up Mystic in America & Eleven Breaths for Life” at Village Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls.


Elizabeth Bunker. Photo provided

Bunker writes, “At this moment, 70 to 80 trillion cells of your body are waiting for that next breath. How we breathe effects every system of our being –from the heart to digestion to our energy and even to how conscious and alive we feel.

“The breath is much more than oxygen. It is also light. Quantum physics has shown that our cells emit light. We are truly “light” beings. There is a breathing rhythm, which brings us into balance and health, do you know what it is? After 33 years of sharing yoga, I find that most people have breathing problems – stress and anxiety do that!

“Few people breathe the breath of life, of balance and health. Many are not exhaling completely and that is what leads to a sense of being stuck. Paralysis. An interesting fact is that young children and animals breathe perfectly, a true low belly diaphragmatic breath. Once we allow stress to prevail, the body closes down like a fist.

“Becoming a yoga instructor and learning about the breath was a way of giving back. Years ago, yoga brought me back from a painful car accident which took away my ability to walk easily. Doctors were afraid to touch my back for fear of making it worse. I had to give up all that I loved to do. And since even gentle yoga was difficult at the time, it was the breath that ignited a healing energy, which began to move throughout me and my spine.

“My book may simply be a way of inviting gatherings where people can experience the breath, ask questions, and learn why the foundation of all psycho-spiritual traditions is the breath!”

Elizabeth Bunker lives in Langdon, N.H. with her husband David, two ponies, St. George the mule, and Kaya the Australian cattle dog.

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