Artful wishes from Gallery at the VAULT

Gallery at the VAULT encourages you to get creative and make art.
Gallery at the VAULT encourages you to get creative and make art. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Gallery at the VAULT must close its doors for the time being due to the current COVID-19 health emergency. Even though all of VAULT’s classes have been postponed, you can use this time to make art!

Draw, color, paint, invent, read, write, and cook. Write letters, call friends, learn new skills, and share them with others. This gives us whole new topics for future Open Wall exhibits.

Now is a time to think creatively, and we will stay in touch through emails and social media. Email to be added to our email list.

Contact or leave a message at 802-885-7111 for questions about curbside service. We have coloring and project books, including a creative book for learning piano. There are felting kits, art videos, fragrant soaps, magic wands, maple syrup, and marbleized candles to bring some variety to stay at home time. See Gift certificates are available.

Art brings us joy, and we are proud of Gallery at the VAULT’s mission as a marketplace for artists, a downtown Springfield business, and a community arts center. Many thanks and good wishes to VAULT artists, supporters, volunteers, and our entire community. Good health to all.

  Written by Diane Kemble, VAULT Board president

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