“Anew Light” fine art show at 39 North Gallery

39 North Gallery
Painting by Julia Jensen. Photo provided

CHESTER, Vt. – DaVallia Art & Accents invites you to a new fine art exhibition at their 39 North Gallery. Their fine art show, “Anew Light,” will feature original oil paintings by Julia Jensen July 17 through Sept. 4.

George Inness, the late 19th century American painter, maintained: “The definition of art is to represent objects, not for themselves but in order to embody the echo they have placed on our soul.” Like Inness, Julia Jensen believes that all painting is ostensibly an expression of direct experience; the experience of passing through the world coupled with the experience of one’s internal, emotional, and spiritual responses to that world. When she paints, she makes a concerted effort to “keep the subject out of it,” keeping the focus on color and shape. Understanding that her paintings, with its crisp dynamic paint application, can be viewed not as a landscape, but as a pure outdoor palette. Julia Jensen balances her materials in a way that has the potential to embody the echoes of our interior landscape.

39 North Gallery, located on Route 103 in Chester, provide an inspiring atmosphere to experience a diverse array of art. For more information, visit www.39NorthGallery.com or call Michael Alon at 802-875-8900 to schedule an appointment for a private viewing.

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