Adelphoi Dia Charis performs “Down Thieves Road”

“Down Thieves Road.” Photo provided.

CHESTER, Vt. – Adelphoi Dia Charis, a local girls drama group, will be presenting the original play, “Down Thieves Road,” at the Chester Town Hall Saturday, July 14 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, July 15 at 4 p.m. Bring the whole family for an exciting trip to the streets of early 1900s Chicago!

Gren Bosko runs a street gang of pickpockets and is headed for a big job – getting valuables belonging to Winifred Wickham out of the Wickham house. She has her assistant Garnet conveniently posed as a maid working there. When several gang members mistakenly pickpocket Winifred, and the blame is accidentally laid on Henri, a homeless bootblack girl, Gren thinks she has a perfect scapegoat to lay the blame for the big job on.

Mavis Wickham spends most of her days being bored. Winifred is always whining, and cousin Veronica is kept busy with her. Mavis meets Henri on the day Winifred is pickpocketed and feels she has finally found a friend. But later, when she curiously follows Garnet out of the house and discovers the gang, she gets involved in something bigger than she ever expected.

All admission is free. Donations are accepted and used to support Operation Christmas Child. Production created and performed by the local Adelphoi Dia Charis drama group.

The cast and crew of Down Thieves Road include Elisabeth, Sarah, and Arianna DeLorenzo; Piper, Gemma, and Adelaide Geisler; Britta and Hannah Gustafson; Violet Haight; Meekah Hance; Lisa Martens; Helena Blackwell; Abigail and Rebecca Thayer; and Ava Webster.

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