Acclaimed Music Together classes offered in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Starting Jan. 23, 2020, Music Together with Miss Alex will open in Springfield with director Alexandra Nikolovski.

Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program for children birth through grade two. The Music Together curriculum was coauthored in 1987 by Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Rowan University Professor Emeritus of Music Education Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz, and offers programs for families, schools, at-risk populations, and children with special needs in more than 3,000 communities in over 40 countries. The company is passionately committed to bringing children and their caregivers closer through shared music-making and helping people discover the joy and educational value of early music experiences.

According to Alexandra Nikolovski, “I am so proud to now offer classes in the Springfield, Vt. area. Music Together’s success in our other locations has been phenomenal, and we wanted to expand to offer families our wonderful program in other communities.”

The next eight-week semester of classes start Jan. 23 at Dreamz in Motion at 363 River St. in Springfield. This is a new program serving Springfield, Weathersfield, Chester, Bellows Falls, Grafton in Vermont, and Charlestown and Claremont in New Hampshire. To register for classes, please visit

“All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning. Music Together brings families together by providing a rich musical environment in the classroom and facilitating family participation in spontaneous musical activity at home within the context of daily life. Families get so much out of these classes,” Nikolovski explains.

For more information about Music Together with Miss Alex classes and to register, call 607-237-8380 or visit

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