“A List for Aunt Frances” in Andover

“A List For Aunt Frances.” Photo provided

ANDOVER, Vt. – Adelphoi Dia Charis, a local girls drama group, will be presenting the original play, “A List for Aunt Frances,” at the Andover Town Hall Saturday, July 13 at 7 p.m. and July 14 at 4 p.m. Bring the whole family for a humorous adventure in turn-of-the-century New England!

“It all started when Mother’s aunt died, and Mother and Father had to go to Boston for the funeral. But the trouble for us children wasn’t that Mother’s aunt died. The trouble was they asked Father’s aunt to come stay with us. Great Aunt Frances doesn’t like children. Especially our family. She says there’s too many of us. Mother said if we were extra sweet to her, she might change her mind. So that’s exactly what we planned to do…”

But it seems impossible for anything to go right with Aunt Frances’ disapproving figure in the house! When Aunt Frances accidentally gets tackled, and fed an apple turnover with some of Gertie’s prize dead worms in it, and bedridden due to an injury they caused, the Dickson sisters are sure there is no way they can end this visit on good terms with Aunt Frances.

All admission is free. Donations are accepted and used to support Operation Christmas Child. The cast and crew of “A List for Aunt Frances” includes Helena Blackwell; Elisabeth, Sarah, and Arianna DeLorenzo; Gemma and Adelaide Geisler; Britta and Hannah Gustafson; Violet Haight; Moriah Knisely; and Lisa Martens.

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