“A Changing Form” ceramics show at Canal Street Art Gallery

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Canal Street Art Gallery presents “A Changing Form” fine art ceramics group show from Feb. 12 through April 4 at the gallery in Bellows Falls with artists David Ernster, Kathie Gatto-Gurney, Deborah Goodwin, Caren Helm, Irene Lederer LaCroix, Carla Liguori, Naomi Lindenfeld, Amanda Ann Palmer, and Alan Steinberg. An opening reception and meet and greet with the artists will be Feb. 21, from 5-8 p.m., at the gallery.

The latest fine art show features ceramic artists from across Vermont and New Hampshire, including members of the Vermont Crafts Council, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and the Brattleboro Clayworks.

David Ernster is a multidisciplinary artist and educator, currently working in Newbury, N.H., with a focus on sculpture and vessels using both ceramic and metal as materials and inspiration. Ernster says, “Fire, water, and air in their most basic forms have the power to change our world.”

Kathie Gatto-Gurney, currently working in Brattleboro, sculpts clay into abstract forms to reference the human figure with shape, movement, and line. Gatto-Gurney spent much of her early career improvising and choreographing dance in New York City. Gatto-Gurney’s work is made entirely of ceramic, with marble, granite, and tile bases.

Carla Liguori, recently settled in Bellows Falls from Philadelphia. She creates mixed media anthropomorphic sculptures with humor and candor. Her depiction of delusional, sometimes unsanctified, forms gives her sculptures a twisted whimsy.

Naomi Lindenfeld, from West Brattleboro, uses the rhythms and textures of carving clay to form new layered, colored clay. The exciting result is the uninterrupted movement, flow, and color that dominate her inspirations from nature and dance. Lindenfeld is co-founded the Brattleboro Clayworks in 1983 and has taught ceramics at The Putney School for over 20 years.

Alan Steinberg is currently located in Putney, where his vision as a sculptor strives to go from being “about nature” to being “of nature.” Steinberg sees his work with clay over the past 50 years as being “kidnapped by clay.” With beginnings as a NYC public school teacher, a co-founder of the Brattleboro Clayworks, and a teacher with psychotherapeutic healing, his work encompasses communal shared feeling of existence and vision quest.

Canal Street Art Gallery, 23 Canal St. in Bellows Falls, is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, go to www.canalstreetartgallery.com, call Mike or Emmett at 802-289-0104, or email artinfo@canalstreetartgallery.com.

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