The 8-week memoir workshops with Pam Bernard


L to R: Pam Bernard, workshop leader, Walpole; Bill Reed, Walpole; Sarah Franklin, Keene; Christine Cole, Bellows Falls, VT; Yvette Yeager, Keene; Rutherford Witthus, Walpole; Sabrina Lee, Keene (not present: Kim Hamilton Bobrow, Bernardston, MA; Prudence Baird, Putney, VT) Photo provided


WALPOLE, N.H. – Award-winning author Pam Bernard announces the beginning the second year of her ongoing 8-week sessions of writing and reading memoir workshops, to begin the week of January 9, at her home in Walpole, NH. Folks are coming together who have never before considered their lives worthy of exploration, finding new meaning in the act of harnessing memory and imagination.

Unlike other modes of writing, memoir demands an emotional honesty that cannot be faked. A good narrative rises from raw experience, but transcends that experience by virtue of our willingness to honor our lives.

“One need not be working on a full–length memoir,” Bernard says. “Rather, the work generally involves drafting short narratives begun in class, which may or may not be woven together at some future time. Each moment or event brought to the page becomes material to better understand your past and make of it a story that conveys your deepest humanity.”
Pam Bernard, author of four books, is a poet, memoirist, painter, editor, and adjunct professor at Franklin Pierce University.

Please email, or visit or call for more information, including days and times, 603.756.4177.

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