“18 Minutes: A Daughter’s Primer on Life & Death”

18 Minutes Cover. Photo provided.

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Advanced preparation when facing the death of a parent is a critical consideration. Without the necessary personal and legal provisions in place navigating grief while managing formalities can become a complicated nightmare.

In my case I harbored no fantasies about the eventuality that none of us escape. My mother was 90, embraced a deep faith, and was unafraid of dying. My new memoir, “18 minutes: A Daughter’s Primer on Life and Death,” is part love letter, part cautionary tale, and part instructional manual. It chronicles my experience during the final 18 minutes of my mother’s life, while reflecting upon the legacy she left behind.

Hers was an extraordinary, ordinary life. A mother and wife shaped by the culture of the 1950s domesticity, she left a lasting impression upon every person she met. Her example of thoughtfulness and preparedness extended to my required attendance at “When Mom Dies School,” despite the fact that I was a reluctant pupil. I wrote this primer as a roadmap, a gift from my mother through me to future “students” who would rather skip school.

Reading this book and vicariously attending “When Mom Dies School” will help prepare the reader to navigate an extremely difficult and sometimes unexpected moment, with patience, competence, and most of all, love.

Amazon Reviews:

“Wow… I am thunderstruck by this book. Susan, thank you for the love and integrity you expressed to chronicle this experience. You have honored your mother in such a beautiful way. Also, you have planted many seeds in the hearts of readers (such as me) who are preparing for this inevitable day.”

“Your book is practical, it is real, and it is raw. I know that many good things will come to those who read your story and take it to heart. God bless you with His peace.”

“Susan MacNeil passes along valuable advice for preparing adult children on how to handle the affairs of their deceased parent. More than this, however, she shares a beautiful tribute to her mom, as well as the sad last 18 minutes they shared. She makes the reader feel as if we knew Miss Jean. An unforgettable read!”

“I’ve got to admit I cried through the whole book! I am 65 and my precious mom is 87. I related so well. So many loving helpful tips. Beautiful story.”

“This book is a must-read to prepare for that inevitable day. You will be deeply moved by this story.”

Since the end of September 2022, over 1300 Amazon downloads have occurred in the U.S. and worldwide, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Brazil, Germany, and France.

Available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook, trade paperback, and hardcover. www.amazon.com/dp/1892538016

Available on Ingram, for publishers, libraries, retailers, and educators. www.ingrampublisherservices.com/ ISBN 978-1-892538-85-7

Published by Oaklea Press Inc., www.oakleapress.com

Contact Susan MacNeil, Bellows Falls, Vt., at susan@svidol.com. Available for readings and book signings.

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