Springfield Royal Diner

363 River Street
Springfield, VT

The Springfield Royal Diner. Dishin’ out good food 50s style. It’s comfortable, and it’s affordable. It’s American. It’s colorful. It’s shiny, and it’s fun. This popular, artifact-filled roadhouse serves true diner fare, meaning the food is fresh, hot, tasty, inexpensive, honestly prepared, and served with a cheerful and sincere smile.

Do you fondly and nostalgically recall malt shops with black-and-white checkered tile floors, pink and blue neon signs and lunch counters with stools you spun around on while nursing a root beer float? If you do, return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, of roadside diners with Wurlitzer jukeboxes, and pink ’57 T-Birds. Borrow your father’s Rocket ’88 Oldsmobile, head on down the highway and meet the gang at the Springfield Royal Diner.


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