Perkins Country Deli

20 Valley Street
Springfield, VT

Perkins Country Deli, open since July 25, 2012, is a family owned Deli that specializes in delicious homemade foods, run by Dan and Deborah Perkins, alongside their son Chris.

Whether you’re eating Deb’s homemade chili, soups or salads, their hand rolled pizza with homemade sauce and delicious pizza dough straight from Crow’s Bakery, or their amazing sandwiches and subs, you won’t go home hungry or disappointed! They even offer daily specials that will make your mouth water.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a friendly smile on their faces. Loyal customers who don’t even let the constant construction around the deli every summer since they’ve opened stop them, please stop in and support this amazing local business! You can’t afford to miss out on Springfield’s best kept secret!

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