Volleyball league plays rain or shine

CHESTER, Vt. – The Chester Vermont Volleyball League (CVVL) summer season is well underway. Ten teams have been playing since May 30 on Tuesday evenings 6 – 8 p.m. at the sand courts of MacKenzie Field. CVVL shares facilities and maintenance responsibilities with the Green Mountain Softball League. We play rain or shine.

Nike spikes for his team Chaos. Floyd is the referee. Photo by Kimball Schultz

Our beautiful venue is walking distance to both a swimming hole and a soft ice cream place. We often linger playing Frisbee, hackysack, and savoring the sunset; Vermont saves her best ones for Tuesdays. Jessica Citera of Londonderry, Kelley Kehoe of Chester and Wendy Schultz of Chester are the organizers this year. Who could say ‘no’ to former administrators Rick Dorcely and Rick Vaughan? Fifty-seven other people on the league, that’s who.

The Ricks and some others come from Springfield, with the balance coming from Chester, Andover, Londonderry, Ludlow, Bellows Falls and even New Hampshire. Chester players are the best looking; Londonderry players are, collectively, the tallest; Springfield players are the least punctual; Bellows Falls players are the nicest; the Andover player is already Rookie of the Year; and the N.H. player has the longest commute.

For many CVVL members volleyball was a high school varsity and/or college intramural sport. Others had not played since gym class, and still others only ever played back-yard volleyball.  In other words, a wide range of abilities is expected and accepted on our League because all we care about is the money. Everyone improves, to be sure, even though we are less fiercely competitive than some other area leagues. And by some other area leagues I mean Manchester, and all the rest.


Setter Kelley does her job getting second hit in this rotation. Photo by Kimball Schultz

Sometime since 1986 changes occurred to the rules of volleyball. Games go to 25 now and rally scoring is used, which means a point is scored no matter who serves.  Fine. Let it not be all about the serve. On the other hand, it is now allowed to use your foot. And by foot I mean that appendage at the bottom of your leg. Sacrilege!

CVVL charges per person to cover league insurance, maintenance and cleaning. Some teams seek and get $100-$200 cash sponsorships to use toward T-shirts. And by some teams I mean Ted’s, sponsored by Stone Hearth Tavern & Meditrina.

We are seeking a League sponsor to the tune of $1000 per season, to cover cost of League T-shirts for the players and end-of-season prizes. A League Sponsor’s logo will be displayed prominently at our courts, and the T-shirts with both our logos will be worn proudly and often by this crowd, I can assure you. Indeed some might not remove the shirt for days at a time. And by some I mean me, and maybe Brian.

CVVL began welcoming teens in 2014. In fact it was an all-teen team, which won First Place in 2015, and is presently leading in standings. Getting as many kids as possible hooked on volleyball is crucial not only to sustain the League, but also to building Intramural and then Varsity Volleyball programs at certain high schools that lack it.

Learn more from our FaceBook group page: Chester Vermont Volleyball League.

Better yet, come by any Tuesday between now and the August 13 playoffs.

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