In case you were wondering, we use a number of guidelines in deciding what we write both in This + That and in what articles to use in the paper each week.

One of the biggest measurements we try to use in making such decisions is which events are the most attended by area fans. Generally football and basketball draw the biggest crowds in a year’s time in games played locally. Many of these same fans go to regional events, such as the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, etc. but it is the paper’s belief there is more than enough coverage of these events, in just about every daily newspaper, thus, we do very little about those. Often, we are lucky enough to run into a human-interest story that we feel is important to pass on to you.

We do try to give attention to every area varsity team, because whether their games are well attended or not, our stance is that they deserve to be covered. We strongly suggest each year and season, that area fans should try their best to attend some events in their hometowns or where they may have friends’ children playing, because it is important to show the youth that we care. Winning and losing should not be the only criteria used for choosing to attend.

This subject is where we stop and give a standing ovation once again to the Springfield football fans last Saturday. Over the weekend, Bellows Falls and Springfield both played on the road and they both drew big crowds. The defending Division II state champion Terriers had a strong gathering on Friday night in Barre, but even though we realize the drive is shorter, the Green and White faithful also turned out in large numbers for their opener at Windsor. In recent years, the Springfield football supporters have continually supported their team through some rough times. Label that Green and White special.

Not healthy… what is not so special is the recent bad chemistry between Windsor and Springfield, especially when the game is played in Windsor.

High school sports are often tainted by the clash of two teams, who differ greatly in ability. When is enough, enough.

Windsor easily defeated Springfield 53-22 and there was a lack of agreement on the two sidelines on exactly when starters should be pulled from the contest, and there were some adults who didn’t appear to understand what their role should have been on the day. The bottom line is the kids need a better atmosphere.

In recent years, I have heavily lobbied for four divisions in Vermont high school football. The argument has mostly landed on deaf ears. Four divisions would not solve all the problems, but it would give more athletes more enjoyable competitive times than they enjoy now.

Injuries can be the unfortunate result if the adults don’t work using the right people at the right time. I want as many schools as possible to be able to continue high school football in Vermont, and I think it is important to all of us to minimize the injuries in a day and age in which the sport is getting too many barbaric reviews.

One piece of advice for all the adults involved in the sport: make sure you understand what is important for all the students involved. If not, you probably don’t belong.

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