Green Mountain Union High School has moved on athletically. We mentioned a couple of weeks ago about Brendan McNamara riding off into the sunset and we spoke to new Athletic Director, a position which is combined with Facilities and Transportation Director, Todd Parah Tuesday about his background and his week and a half officially on the job thus far. The present status: so far so good.

“I think this is where I am suppose to be. This is what I am suppose to be doing,” Parah told us, going on to say, “I care a lot about the kids. Things are going real well. How often do you get to have a job you really like? I love kids. I love the family atmosphere. I really like it.”

Parah grew up in northern Vermont. He went to school and later coached high school basketball at Mississquoi High School in Swanton, Vt. Parah was the captain of the Thunderbirds his senior year. He grew up and worked around a farm for years and has driven trucks for a living as well. These life experiences prepared him well for his three-headed task ahead.

“I was driving tractors on the farm at a young age. I started driving trucks as a teenager; there was no CDL back then. Growing up around the farm, there was always something to be fixed. You get things done. You just learn how to do it,” he remembers.

Parah officially moved to Chieftain Country back in 2013, When there was an opening at Green Mountain around that time for the Facilities/ Transportation Director part of the position, he applied. Back then the AD position was a separate job and was manned by Eric Anderson. McNamara was awarded the Facilities/ Transportation job that time around and Parah instead, worked at a sawmill and drove truck for a living.

Parah’s best friend from back home was from another generation. He became close with a trucker by the name of Whitey Ladieu. Ladieu was much older than Parah and actually Parah, had attended kindergarten with Ladieu’s daughter. He would hear about Ladieu’s daughter over the years and her whereabouts, happenings, etc. from her father. He also would eventually learn, that she also had gone on to do some coaching. Ladieu’s daughter was a very good soccer coach at Green Mountain Union High School. Her name was Julie Walton.

Most people from Chester and the surrounding area already know that Julie would eventually become Julie Parah. Since she gave up the Green Mountain Girls Soccer job as her son, Mack,began his varsity career at GMUHS, Todd Parah’s AD position would not be faced with a conflict of interest.

We asked Todd Parah when reporting for work in 2017, what areas he was most concerned about and if he had any overwhelming days in his first week and a half, that a three headed job might throw at you?

“I haven’t had one of those yet, “he said, “but, you do need to stay on top of it. I think it has helped me that Brendan is a good friend and we would talk about his job and I would watch him do it too and already knew many of the challenges he faced. He has really helped me with the transition. I am really excited about my job.”

Parah has a title in front of his current position, which is spelled, interim. It is customary when school jobs open during a school year, for the position to be an interim one with the position posted in June for a permanent hire. Parah is only nine days in to the experience, but we are betting that by June, he will file another application and by that time will have earned even more experience in hopes of officially landing the job.

Fall Mountain Football- The show is expected to go on and the head position is open. John Callahan stepped down after serving two seasons on the job. Numbers are iffy, but AD Gordon Danserau says that they are looking for a candidate with staying power.

“We don’t want someone who is looking to use the job as a stepping stone. We are looking for someone, who will commit to build our program,” he told us.”

This corner agrees with Danserau, however finding the right person is an enormous task, maybe even impossible. It would be nice if it will would workout for Danserau to please two people. My guess is that someone will apply that could be the right candidate to fit the criteria but is wet behind the ears and needs growth time. If that person is willing to be an assistant first, Danserau could take his chance on a more proven applicant, who may or may not stay, and everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds.

One thing I am certain of, this is one of the biggest building jobs this area has ever had. This is a bigger job than being the initial Fall Mountain coach. Bob O’Hearne, was in charge, way back when the sport of football was born in Langdon. Back then you had the excitement of a brand new sport being offered. Now you have small numbers and poor commitment value by many, so this is a major tooth pull. I hope it works out, BUT most of all, it’s up to the student/athletes to care about achieving at the highest-level possible. To this point in time, too few Wildcats have been willing to pay the price to get better on a regular basis.

Local Baseball Camp- Springfield High School will be the site of a four week US Baseball Academy Camp for baseball players from Grade 1 thru Grade 12. Cosmo baseball coach Rich Saypack will be the Site Director and local coaches, including Bellows Falls’ Bob Lockerby will help out with the instruction. The coaches will be donating their time and the monies earned will go towards the Cosmo and Terrier high school programs.

The program will run four Saturday mornings and the base cost for 90 minutes of instruction is $99, but registered players have an a la carte type menu, which enables longer sessions for more money. The camp will take place on February 11, 18, 25 and March 4 and players must register in advance. The camp is an unique concept which provides young players with advanced hitting, pitching, fielding/base running and catching training programs. For more information contact the US Baseball Academy at 866-622-4487 or register at

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