Springfield Elks Lodge #15690 held two soccer shoots

At the recent Springfield Soccer Shoot, Exalted Ruler Vicki Siliski, Elks soccer chairman Victor Baskevich, and PER Michael Tennis instructed the kids on the format of the shoot. Photo provided

REGION – With soccer shoot chairman, Victor Baskevich leading the way, Springfield Elks Lodge held their annual soccer shoots in Chester and Springfield recently. Springfield had 80 locals turnout, and Chester had 58 kids participate. If everybody who had signed up showed up, there would have been 216 competitors. It was a good turnout, the members of Springfield Elks felt and do thank the kids that showed up.

First place winners will be competing in the Vermont Elks State Soccer Shoot in St. Albans on Oct. 15 at noon. If a first place winner cannot go, the second place winner will be sent in their place. Good luck from the Springfield Elks Lodge!

The following list is the winners and runners-up for the two shoots:

  7 & 8 Year old boys

1st Nicholas Burlew, Springfield

2nd Jackson Groner, Springfield and Jameer Cosby, Springfield

7 & 8 Year old girls

1st Addelyn Snide, Springfield

2nd Sydney Poole, Springfield

8 & 9 Year old boys

1st Jake Tostrup, Springfield

2nd Ryan Gould, Springfield

8 & 9  Year old girls

1st Harper Palmer, Springfield

2nd Ayla Bosley, Springfield

10 & 11 Year old boys

1st Forest Garvin, Chester

2nd William Anderson, Chester

10 & 11 Year old girls

1st Abby Williams, Chester

2nd Grace Wright, Chester

12 & 13 Year old boys

1st Tristin Parker, Chester

2nd Brady Roy, Springfield

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