Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League results, July 4

LUDLOW, Vt. – Diamond Realty is once again atop the leaderboard in the Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League. Knight Tubs made a 5 spot up the leaderboard by grabbing top honors for the night on July 4 as Lou Falango, Bill Bruno, Jim Poissant and Jack Cassidy combined to win 21.5 holes. Finishing second for the night, and remaining in the thick of the race was Huntley’s Wealth Management. Clemente DeLarosa, Jason Koponen, Stew Schmidt and Mark Huntley combined to win 20 holes. Finishing third, and moving up four spots on the leaderboard, was Stryhas Builders. Ted Stryhas, Terry Thayne, Pat Moore and Jack Menzie combined to win 18.5 holes. Closest to the pin winners were Ken Guy and Trevor Benson.

  Weekly results:

1st Knight Tubs 21.5 holes won/15 pts.

2nd Huntley’s Wealth Management 20 holes won/13 pts.

3rd Stryhas Builders 18.5 holes won/11 pts.

4th Built Rite MFG. 18.5 holes won/10 pts.

5th Diamond Realty 18.5 holes won/9 pts.

6th Skygate Financial 17.5 holes won/8 pts.

7th Green Mountain Appraisals 17.5 holes won/7 pts.

8th UBS 17.5 holes won/6 pts.

9th Honey Dew Man 16 holes won/5 pts.

10th Benson Chevrolet 10.5 holes won/4 pts.

Season standings:

1st Diamond Realty 78 pts.

2nd Honey Dew Man 71 pts.

3rd Built Rite MFG. 70 pts.

4th Huntley Wealth Management 65 pts.

5th Skygate Financial 59 pts.

6th Knight Tubs 58 pts.

7th Stryhas Builders 56 pts.

8th Green Mountain Appraisals 56 pts.

9th UBS 52 pts.

10th Bensons Chevrolet 51 pts.

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