BF field hockey wins the division title for the third time

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Three Terriers pressured the net in BF’s title game 6-0 victory over Spaulding. Abbe Cravinho, on the left, scored the final two goals. Reaghan Baldasaro moved in on the goalie on the right and Dani Marchica, who scored the second BF goal, was in the distance. Photo by Brigid Hodsgen.

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Is it a three-peat when your third straight title comes in a different division? I don’t know if anyone has an official answer to that question, but regardless, the Bellows Falls Terriers are on top of the heap this year in Vermont Division II Field Hockey following a 6-0 triumph over Spaulding. The previous two titles came in Division III.

The Terriers totally dominated their competition in the DII ranks this season, running away with a 17-0 record. Other than the first minute of the title game when the Crimson Tide controlled play in the Terrier end, BF went in front and was never challenged.

“We tend to not always get off the bus. We like to scare ourselves and the coaches for the first minute and a half, and then we get it figured out and adjust and then we kick it into drive,” explained Coach Bethany Coursen.

Just before the clock showed three minutes were complete, Terrier Madison Streeter lit up the scoreboard with the opening goal, and the Spaulding early flying balloon was deflated. Dany Marchica and Molly Kelly added goals before halftime to up the count to 3-0.

BF didn’t just plan to shut Spaulding down defensively in the second half because they are driven to higher performance levels than that. Abbe Cravinho, who tallied the final two goals, the last one coming with 13 seconds left on the clock said, “We said at halftime, we needed to double the score. We just had to have that goal.” Kelly had the additional BF goal to begin scoring after intermission.

Both the state finals and semi-finals are played on artificial turf, thus that is always a concern for a BF team who has few chances to play on carpet each year. Coursen said following the title win, “Turf is a big adjustment, but overall, I think we came out and passed it, played well, and communicated and did the job today. It’s pretty sweet. We are Division II state champs and undefeated again. Everything they have done is just amazing.”

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