2017 Dari Joy Baseball Contest

baseball contest
Dari Joy in Bellows Falls. Photo provided.

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – There is only one week remaining for readers to become part of the 2017 Dari Joy Baseball Contest. Here is your chance to try your luck at picking the 2017 baseball pennant races.

When all the dust settles a little after Halloween, you might be one of the six winners, who will collect one of three Dari Joy baseball certificates ($50, $25 and $15) or one of the three Red Sox autographed baseballs in the contest.

This is the seventh straight year the Dari Joy and The Shopper/Vermont Journal have invited you to join the competition and put your prediction expertise to the test. Each year entrants have the opportunity to pick each division in baseball, from top to bottom and compete with other participants throughout the valley and beyond to compare their prediction skills.

The Dari Joy in Bellows Falls is already open daily for the 2017 season, so feel free to stop in and talk baseball with Dari Joy owner Rich Demuzio. Rich and The Shopper/Vermont Journal sports editor Bill Murphy have already made their predictions publicly in last week’s paper and if anyone who enters the contest can make selections which accumulate more points than both of them, the monetary prizes in the contest double to $100, $50 and $30.

One can enter the contest by either emailing their picks to bmurphy@vermontjournal.com or mailing them to: Baseball Contest, The Shopper, P.O. Box 308, Bellows Falls, VT 05101. All correspondence must be sent or postmarked by April 12.

In making your selections you should: 1) List the order of finish (top to bottom) in each of baseball’s six divisions; 2) Note two wild card teams in each league; 3) Pick the American and National League champion; 4) Pick the World Series champion.

How points are awarded:

baseball contest
Join the Dari Joy baseball contest. Stock photo.

1) Seven points for choosing the World Series champion (you will be given two points if your champion selection is in the World Series and loses)

2) Four points for choosing the World Series loser (you will get two points if your selection is in the World Series and wins)

3) Three points are awarded for each division champion selected (you will get one point if a division champion choice makes the post season as a wild card)

4) One point for wild card choices who are in the play-offs either as a wild card or as a division winner.

Tiebreakers: Ties will be broken from last place up, thus every one of your choices is important. If you tie for one of the winner’s spots, the tie will be broken by how many last place teams each participant chooses correctly. If a tie still exists following last place consideration, the tiebreaker moves up to next to last place picks and continue up the standings ladder as many spots needed until the tie is broken. Most years one tie or more is broken by the tiebreaker system.

Note: only one entry is allowed per person. Please include contact information with your selection. A mailing address or an email address, plus a phone number would be helpful.


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