Unsung hero is Vanessa Sterns

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Springfield School Districts, 5th grade teacher, Vanessa Sterns was awarded by the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program as 2017 Vermont Tree Steward under the category of “Unsung Hero.” Ann Hazelrig, Chair of Urban Forestry Council recognized Mrs. Sterns for her hard work and success.

Vanessa Stern in Montpelier accepting Unsung Hero award with Ann Hazelrig, Chair of Urban Forestry in the background. Photo provided.

She was nominated by a school colleague, “Vanessa brings the love of tree’s and the earth to her students both inside the classroom and through her outdoor science class.”

At the podium as Sterns accepted her award she said, “We need to support our children, Go Green, No Screen.” Sterns in her generosity of acknowledging others, recounted a time she had a class out at Muckross Park and she felt, “the kids were getting chatty and I thought a little unruly.” Vanessa apologized to Michael Quinn a former middle school science teacher (visiting with her class) when he told her, “they are enjoying themselves.”

Stern recalled, “I remind myself of his words whenever I take my students out into the community.”

Her work is inspiring, as she facilitates Union Street School in preparing the garden of raised beds for spring.

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