Spencer Hollow Schoolhouse

Spencer Hollow school. Photo by Ron Patch.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017, was an open house at the Spencer Hollow schoolhouse just off Route-143 in Springfield. Having never been in this building before, this reporter is very happy to have gone. The name, “Spencer Hollow,” itself, conjures of magical images in my mind.

Don Whitney who grew up in the neighborhood was there to greet visitors and tell the history of the school. Whitney had a brother and two sisters who attended the school prior to its closing in 1926. He missed going to school there by a couple of years.

Don Whitney, the old sage of Spencer Hollow. Photo by Ron Patch.

After taking pictures and asking questions, this reporter sat down and listened to Whitney tell his memories as well as stories his father told him. It was a pleasure to hear such detailed history.

I asked Whitney if his stories had been recorded or if he had written them down. “No” was his reply. I then asked if he would be interested in sitting down with me and doing a few interviews. “Yes” he said.

Readers of this paper can look forward to those interviews beginning in January. We will also do a few videos for SAPA-TV. This man has a lot to tell.

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